The foundation for this healing that grants full access and trust through self-reflection through the hand – I am able to see you and your past, present, and future possibilities through your hand.

Captures the energy of the moment and the journey through mindful note taking. During the session it embeds the concepts as simple visuals to ensure deeper retention and connection of the healing journey.

Allows a deeper energetic DNA activation to use as a meditation tool during and after the session that’s completely channeled for you and what you want to gain deeper insights on.

Your visual representation of the session is a really cool gift to walk away with. I love how imagery can anchor concepts. Your intiutive writing is a highlight. Thank you for the inspiration.


-Blake (Tulsa)

Thank you for this enlightening experience, Nikki!! I learned so much and have already incorporated some of the things you said to my daily life. Thank you for spreading the love through knowledge. ♥​


-Renee (Tulsa)

This is NOT to be missed! I learnt so much about myself in just the intro class... Nikki is an incredible source of knowledge and teacher. Get a ticket while you can.

-Jaquy (NYC)

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