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One must understand oneself before they are able to understand others.

Experience a tremendous healing opportunity to understand who you are at this present moment.


All sessions can be done in person or over zoom anywhere in the world. For Zoom readings, photographs will be required in advance.


Live Artwork is mapped during all readings to aid in remembering the journey. All drawings are in black, white, and gray as a finished piece. Color is strongly encouraged to be added into the Palm Mapping by the recipient to reclaim their energy.

At the end of the session, a Light Language channeled transmission will be given to dive deeper into your area of focus from the reading. You can use this to meditate over and to connect deeper with your intuition and the signs given to you.


Please note: Understanding Self Readings are the base for Partnership Readings.

Group discounts available for Individual Readings when booking 4+.

Understanding Self

Realize personality patterns innate to you at the present moment to accept your truth and to live your full potential.

Individual to come with an open mind to accept and receive.


You will have a scientific palm reading and live Palm Mapping of the conversation that we create together discussing your individual characteristics.

You are encouraged to come with a question that you want guidance around.

Individual Session: 1 hour 30 minutes


Understanding Partnership

Realize relationship patterns between two people for better understanding of strengths and weaknesses as a pair.

Each partner to come with an open mind to accept and receive.


The Individual Readings serve as the basis for understanding each other. You will receive a live Palm Mapping of the conversation that we create together to form new understandings and possibilities within your partnership.

Prior to Booking:

Each partner must have had an Understanding Self Reading within the past 3 months. It is possible to do all of the readings together 


Individual Sessions: 1 hour 15 minutes each

Partner Session: 45 minutes (both partners need to be present)

$777 ( Price includes individual readings )

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