I am so proud of my most excellent student, Nikki Lee Kurt.

She has combined her knowledge of Palmistry with her talent for drawing and storyboarding to create something entirely new: Palm Mapping. I think this is so fresh and exciting.

-Ellen Goldberg, Founder of School of Oracles (NYC)

Your visual representation of the session is a really cool gift to walk away with. I love how imagery can anchor concepts. Your intiutive writing is a highlight. Thank you for the inspiration.


-Blake (Tulsa)

Thank you for this enlightening experience, Nikki!! I learned so much and have already incorporated some of the things you said to my daily life. Thank you for spreading the love through knowledge. ♥​


-Renee (Tulsa)

This is NOT to be missed! I learnt so much about myself in just the intro class... Nikki is an incredible source of knowledge and teacher. Get a ticket while you can.

-Jaquy (NYC)

When I first heard about the Palm Mapping workshop, I was really curious to learn more about palm reading and how it can be transformed into a visual outcome. I had some pre-conceived notions on what palm reading was about, but talking to Nikki gave me a completely different perspective on this practice.


The workshop was very inspiring and insightful, through it I learned I can understand myself (and others) better by observing hands. Nikki creates a space for openness and trust in her workshop and this made me really engage and feel mindful about what was being shared.


The live Palm Mapping session was the cherry on the top of this experience. Observing Nikki read someone's palm while listening to this person's life and simultaneously transforming this information into a beautiful visualization was amazing


-Alessandra (Berlin)

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